Nikki Glaser on Comedy, Mental Health, and Undergoing Vocal Surgery

The moment Nikki Glaser opens the door to the green room at the Comedy Store in Los Angeles, Jeff Garlin, Larry David’s longtime sidekick on Curb Your Enthusiasm, heralds her arrival in his signature booming rasp. “Nikki!” Garlin bellows. “Did I tell you what Stephen said about you?” Garlin is referring to his friend Stephen … Read more

Study links mom’s pregnancy weight gain to baby developing ADHD, other mental disorders

“Our study found pregnant women with obesity and gestational diabetes had children with long-term mental health disorders such as ADHD,” lead author of the study, Verónica Perea, M.D., Ph.D., said in a press release. “We did not find this association when these women gained a healthy amount of weight during pregnancy.” Another study, published in … Read more

Nurse’s mental struggles were hidden till fatal L.A. crash

Minutes before the fiery crash in Windsor Hills that killed five people last month, Nicole Linton was not making sense, her older sister said. FaceTiming with Kim Linton while driving her Mercedes-Benz, Linton would start speaking and stop after a few words. “You know when you have a dream and you remember fragments of the … Read more