Study links mom’s pregnancy weight gain to baby developing ADHD, other mental disorders

“Our study found pregnant women with obesity and gestational diabetes had children with long-term mental health disorders such as ADHD,” lead author of the study, Verónica Perea, M.D., Ph.D., said in a press release. “We did not find this association when these women gained a healthy amount of weight during pregnancy.” Another study, published in … Read more

Strong Ocean Anomalies are developing over the Gulf Stream area in the North Atlantic, forecast to continue as we head closer to Winter 2022/2023

Strong temperature anomalies appeared in the Gulf Stream area in the North Atlantic. Weather in the United States and Europe depends strongly on this ocean current, so it is important that we understand these changes and what they can tell us for the upcoming Winter 2022/2023. Not every change in the ocean can be an … Read more