The surprising history behind Berlin’s techno club scene : NPR

From left: Philippa, 23, from Sydney, Australia; Laura, 23, from Melbourne; and Isabella, 23, from Sydney wait in line to enter Tresor, one of Germany’s popular nightclubs for electronic music, in Berlin in the early morning hours of Sept. 4. Jacobia Dahm for NPR hide caption toggle caption Jacobia Dahm for NPR From left: Philippa, … Read more

Ramping Up Renewables Won’t Save The World From A Cold Winter

We usually don’t think about the wonderful service fossil fuels provide in terms of being a store of heat energy for winter, the time when there is a greater need for heat energy. Figure 1 shows dramatically how, in the US, the residential usage of heating fuels spikes during the winter months. Figure 1. US … Read more

Profiting from poison: how the US lead industry knowingly created a water crisis | Water

The year was 1933 and, to a group of industrialists gathered in a New York City lunch club, it seemed like the lead industry was doomed. The women’s pages of newspapers were filled with stories about children being poisoned by the metal, which had been identified as dangerous as early as the mid-1800s. And cities … Read more

Tropical wave may pose threat to Florida

Tracking Invest 98-L: Will system pose threat to Florida? Updated: 10:36 AM EDT Sep 22, 2022 Hide Transcript Show Transcript Hi there. Thanks for checking out the latest on the tropics here on west dot com. I’m first warning meteorologist eric burris. Let’s get right to invest 98. This is *** storm system that is … Read more

Who will be the Big East player of the year, the go-to Jay and more

Take a look back at the last five seasons of Creighton men’s basketball. Wednesday marked 47 days until college basketball officially returns. With fans as hopeful as Creighton’s, the season couldn’t get here soon enough. As the weeks dwindle, the questions flood in. Many of those were left in my Twitter mentions (@jxlorenzi) nearly a … Read more

Scotland 3-0 Ukraine: Nations League – as it happened | Nations League

Key events Show key events only Please turn on JavaScript to use this feature That’s all from Hampden, then, after one of Scotland’s best performances for years. Ewan Murray was there to witness it, and here’s his report. Thanks for reading this MBM. Nighty night. Scotland coach Steve Clarke speaks to Premier Sports. “I’m pleased … Read more

Short menus, local produce, no tablecloth: how to choose a restaurant and help save the planet | Food

The doors of good restaurants frequently display stickers from guidebooks such as Michelin or the Good Food Guide. It is far less common to spot anything that proclaims their green credentials. Even venues making positive moves on sustainability can be coy about flagging it, for fear of boring people. Consequently, diners who are keen to … Read more

What are neutrinos? | Space

Neutrinos are tiny subatomic particles, often called ‘ghost particles’ because they barely interact with anything else.  Neutrinos are, however, the most common particle in the universe. Believe it or not, approximately 100 trillion neutrinos pass completely harmlessly through your body every second (opens in new tab)! Their tendency not to interact very often with other … Read more